Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager User Client ML (Programa de Desconto)

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This client management license (ML) allows any number of nonserver operating system environments (OSEs) to be managed by Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (previously known as System Center Configuration Manager) and Virtual Machine Manager, as long as only one user has access to them. If more than one user has access to a certain OSE or set of OSEs, then an ML is necessary for each user.

Benefits for Organizations

If you have a dedicated IT department and staff with datacenter administration experience, your organization can use Configuration Manager and Virtual Machine Manager to manage all client desktops, thin clients, mobile devices, and virtual desktops from a unified interface.

Licensed Components

  • Configuration Manager: provides software deployment, distribution, update management, and configuration monitoring throughout an IT infrastructure
  • Virtual Machine Manager: enables administration and management of Microsoft and VMware virtual machine guests and virtual machine hosts
  • Co-management with Microsoft Intune: provides limited access to the cloud-based Microsoft Intune service to concurrently manage Windows 10 devices with both Configuration Manager and Intune


Other types of System Center licenses are also available. For more information, see TechSoup Brasil's Guide to System Center Products and Licensing.

Server Software

The right to run System Center management server software is included with the MLs. If you request this product, you can obtain management server software for all of the System Center components listed above. The software includes a runtime version of SQL Server Technology (SQL Server Standard Edition) to support System Center. No additional licenses are needed for management servers or SQL Server technology.

Management License

MLs do not require media, license keys, or setup codes.

CALs, ECLs, and MLs offered through TechSoup Brasil are always for the currently offered version of the server software. However, these licenses can also be used with earlier versions of the server software.

Software Assurance

Under the Software Assurance program, you have the right to install any new release of products covered in the agreement during the term of your coverage.

Microsoft Requires a Certificate of Eligibility for Discounted Products

This Microsoft product is discounted, not donated. Some additional steps are required after checkout when you request a discounted product.

To receive discounted Microsoft products, you must first register at Microsoft's nonprofit portal. Then you'll use the portal to send TechSoup Brasil a certificate that validates your organization's eligibility for discounts. Each certificate lasts one year.

If TechSoup Brasil has not received a certificate from your organization, you'll receive instructions for sending one after you check out with a discounted Microsoft product in your cart. TechSoup Brasil will not approve your request until we've received your certificate.

Obtaining the Server Software

Installing the server software requires you to download the software from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) and enter a license key. You can download any available version or language for your product.

Expect two or three emails:

  1. Once a year, TechSoup Brasil will send an email that explains how to send us your certificate of eligibility for Microsoft software discounts. We must receive this certificate before we can approve your requests for discounted products.
  2. When your request has been approved, TechSoup Brasil will send a message to your organization email address. This email will confirm the number of licenses you have requested and provide information about how to use the VLSC once Microsoft accepts your license agreement. Make sure the email address in your organization details is up to date in your account.
  3. Three to five business days after your request is approved, Microsoft will send an email welcoming your organization to the VLSC. This email will indicate that Microsoft has accepted your license agreement. After you receive this email, you'll be able to follow the steps in the first email you received from TechSoup Brasil to obtain your product through the VLSC.