Job opportunity for Project Manager in Brasilia - DF

Translation Project Management

  1. Job requirements:

    a. Fluent in English;

    b. Minimum experience of +3 years with project management leadership;

    c. Previous experience with translations from English to Portuguese;

    d. Previous experience with text, video, image, and audio final editing;

    e. Project start: Dec/2020 - Project deadline: June/2021;

    f. Modality of work: temporary contractor as “Pessoa Jurídica”.

  2. Project description:

    a. The project “TechSoup Courses in Portuguese” consists of the translation of 15 online courses from US English to Portuguese language, that will be translated by a group of professionals, and then uploaded into a specific online platform.

  3. Project Manager’s duties:

    a. Coordinate the translation of all the courses and people involved with the editing work for text, audio, video, images, as well as the upload into the platform;

    b. Report everything that happens during the job, as well as keeping the Tech Brasil team constantly updated on the progress and deadlines of the Project;

    c. Oversee and supervise the translation execution, content production, and also the organization and management of every person (translators, editors, and other professionals) involved in this project, aiming to reach everything on time;

    d. Double-check, review, and proofread all the translated materials and courses done by the translations’ team, from the beginning to the end of the Project;

    e. Be responsible for the inclusion and transfer of the reviewed translated courses to the respective online platform, according to Tech Brasil’s guidelines.

  4. More details and submission of estimates/quotes:

    a. For more details and to send a cost estimate for this job, please send an e-mail to


Tech Brasil Team